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Top 5 Reasons People Don't Have Wills

  1. Procrastination
  2. Not knowing they need one
  3. Affordability
  4. Limited time to make a Will
  5. No forms that work for them
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Single Persons

A common misconception of a single individual is that they do not need a Last Will and Testament. Why should they have one? If I'm single and I don't have children what's the point? Because Texas law provides for an unusual, and often undesirable, distribution of your estate when you are single and you die without a Will. If you are single and you make your own will here are just some of the benefits:

  • It will clearly tell the world what you want done with your estate, who you want to receive it and how you want it managed
  • It is less expensive to make your own will today than it is for your surviving family members to administer your estate after you die (believe it or not when you are single and die without a will there are TWO attorneys involved in the administration, not ONE)
  • It is an opportunity to show thanks or appreciation for people you care for, whether they are friends of family
  • It allows you to "opt out" of the descent and distribution laws of the State of Texas
  • If you have children it is your opportunity to choose who you want to be the Guardian

So you know what to expect if you do not make a will, here is how Texas law will distribute a single person's estate when they die:

Single Parents

Notice the law does not address what happens when a minor inherits money. It simply states your descendants, or your siblings descendants, may inherit your assets. In Texas, the minor will receive the entire amount when he or she turns 18. This is often a very, very bad idea that can be prevented with a very simple trust set up using a solid will template like those found on the Secure Wills™ website.

If you are a single parent you must seriously consider the problem pointed out in the previous paragraph. Think of it! you probably DO want your estate to go to your kids, but do you want them to receive all of that money when they turn 18? That is a scary thought and could set them up for a variety of problems. If you look at free simple will forms, or free will blank forms that you fill in by hand (like those found in self-help books), many of them do not address this problem, or the will templates used have ineffective trust terms that do not protect your estate or your kids. Using a last will and testament created by the Secure Wills™ website will guarantee there is strong legal language put in place so your estate is protected for your children.


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