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Top 5 Reasons People Don't Have Wills

  1. Procrastination
  2. Not knowing they need one
  3. Affordability
  4. Limited time to make a Will
  5. No forms that work for them


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About Secure Wills™

Secure Wills™ is a Texas based company in business to provide Texas residents forms and information to allow them to create their own Will without paying any lawyer’s fees. A powerful website with an advanced web application helps you create your own Last Will and Testament without the need to meet or consult with an attorney. Best of all, the Last Will and Testament forms used in the web application were designed and drafted by a licensed Texas attorney with over 15 years of experience in estate and probate law. The staff at Secure Wills™ is dedicated to providing customers the most secure and comprehensive Texas will templates on the web, at a fraction of the price charged by most attorneys.

The web application used by the Secure Wills™ website took hundreds of work hours to design and create, but it provides customers with a simple, user friendly method to make a will in the privacy of their own home or office, and on their own time schedule. The effort to create an advanced leading application directly relates to the ease of use for every customer, whether they have legal knowledge or not. It literally is as easy as a fill-in-the-blank will template, but with much better results that are designed to meet your personal needs.

At the end of the process your Secure Wills™ documents are customized, professional and ready for signatures. You will have IMMEDIATE and SECURE access to your will as soon as you checkout. We are so confident in the forms we use we will even give you an opportunity to view the first three pages of the Will after you create it, and we GUARANTEE the Wills will be accepted for filing in any county in the State of Texas as long as you execute them properly according to our instructions. Other sites won’t allow you to see the document until it is e-mailed or snail mailed to you, don’t provide you with our guarantee and don’t allow you to review anything but the data you entered. We want you to be 100% confident and satisfied before you pay for your Will, and we give you a real opportunity to do just that.

Once you receive your Last Will and Testament, simply print it out, have it signed, notarized and witnessed according to the Instructions, and you have a secure, valid and enforceable last will and testament that will be the foundation of your family’s estate plan. But that isn’t the end of the benefits you receive from the Secure Wills™ website. You can return to the Secure Wills™ website within thirty (30) days of your purchase and reprint your will if necessary. You will be added to our e-mail distribution list, and ONLY our e-mail distribution list, to receive legal updates that may affect your Will or other estate planning documents. And, you will receive discounts periodically to give to your family and friends so they can also find the protection they need using the Secure Wills™ website.

Thank you for using the Secure Wills™ website to prepare your secure and customized Texas Last Will and Testament. We know there are other sites providing similar services and we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with what we think is the best Will form site on the market for Texas wills. If you have any comments about your experience on our site we would like to hear them, good or bad. Our goal is to continue to modify the Secure Wills™ website to insure the best experience for our customers for years to come.


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Your Secure Wills document will stand in Texas Probate

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